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Welcome. My name is Mario Vaden, and I live in the Rogue Valley with my wife Jan, where we enjoy the west side of Oregon.

My love for photography started years ago capturing coastal redwood forests. The passion for portraits also originated from that forest beginning with a single photo of someone by the Smith River. Something about that person's reflection in the water lured my interest. Now I enjoy photographing people as much as nature, and probably even more. I don't believe that a photographer can make great photographs all alone. It requires the comfort and joy of the persons being photographed. My photo sessions are known for being comfortable, polite, entertaining, and on time!

Most of my life involved working outside and all those years engrained an acute perception of changes to lighting and weather during photo sessions. Outdoor photo sessions are among my favorites, but indoors is enjoyable too.

I have ample gear for a wide variety of needs. Portraits, weddings and a wide range of commercial work are no problem with the aid of nearly a dozen lens choices. An assortment of wireless transmitters and lights offers many variations for lighting, too.

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Mario D. Vaden

Medford Oregon

Quotes require a phone call, because real voice conversation is the best way to learn what each of us need. The email is mainly for sharing a few sample images, lists or directions, but feel free to send your name, phone and city, and I will reply soon.

Every few weeks or so, I may be away from phone or internet signal for a day or two while during photography or exploring. But I check messages right away afterward.